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Corrugated steel pipe construction methods on old highway bridge strengthening

  1. Before culvert construction, prepare related materials, equipment and personnel into their own places, and make the construction period safety work on subgrade slope fence protection, prevent stones and other objects down.
  2. Foundation treatment: backfill gravel or masonry rubble concrete. The basement level, replacing 30-50cm thick gravel materials, density reached more than 90%; select the appropriate water longitudinal slope of around 3%. Set each culvert centerline and borders.
  3. Segmental construction method is used in corrugated culvert construction. Put two-side-by-side angle steel in advance in the original arch culvert base according to the length of the culvert length for culvert propulsion rail. Corrugated steel pipe diameter can have different specifications according to the need of the project. Integral pipe diameter is 0.5m--2.5m; each section of pipe length is 3 meters and used the inner (outer) flange bolt connection. Assembled tube diameter is 3m--8m. There are 4-15 block plates of each circumferential direction fastened by high strength bolt fastening joint.
  4. If the culvert less than 30 meters in length, corrugated steel pipe on both sides of the original culvert width greater than 80cm, push the whole corrugated steel pipe in downstream or upstream. After that go on the one side retaining wall of masonry, and surrounded by backfill with gravel, soil, masonry rubble, at the top backfilled of the mortar rubble or high pressure pumping expansive cement mortar.
  5. If the culvert length greater than 30 meters, with the original corrugated culvert sides of culvert width is less than 80cm, the 3m-6m can be long culvert in the downstream or upstream can be pushed to one end then fixed, keep on the top end wall masonry stone tablets.
  6. The other end of the corrugated pipe culvert spacing is filled with sandbags or mortar rubble block, the width of 50cm, and then starts the backfill. Both sides can be used coarse water tight compaction or pouring concrete vibrator compaction; top with high pressure pump expansive cement mortar. After the section of the tube around was finished the filling, transport to the second section of pipe and connect the two pipes. Corrugated culvert pipe connection mode is the inner flange bolt connection. Workers can do this in the pipe. Finish the connection with the same method for backfill. In this way complete the whole corrugated steel pipe construction work.

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