• A large number of hot dip galvanised integral corrugated steel pipes on our manufacture factory ready to delivery to our client.
  • Hot dip galvanised helical corrugated metal pipes with asphalt coating on the end in the construction site, and in water.
  • Black plastic coated assembled corrugated steel pipe in larger diameter in construction site.
  • Many galvanized assembled corrugated steel pipe plates and integral corrugated steel pipes in our warehouse.
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Corrugated steel pipe can be used to replace round or slab culvert and bridges due to its features

Corrugated steel pipe is the best material of choice for infrastructure projects in modern society. Because of inherent strength of steel and the flexibility of the corrugation pipe section it will not crack under impact loads or vibrations. Corrugated steel pipe can be available in a multitude of pipe sizes, shapes, gauges, coating and materials options to meet customers’ exact requirements of projects.

It provides the highest service life, strength and hydraulic properties. The structure is unlimited as well as the interactions of integrity steel-soil structure. It is low cost because it can be nested for economical shipping and the real engineering cost is lower than other products.

Corrugated steel pipe series products
According to the assemble form corrugated steel pipe can be integral type and assembled type. And according to the shape it can be round, oval, arched, dustpan-shaped, and horseshoe-shaped.
The scope of pipe diameters: ¢0.3m-¢6m
Whole round pipe ¢0.3m-¢2.5m
Assembled round pipe ¢3m-¢6m
The pipe wall thickness: 2.0mm-8.0mm
Antiseptic treatment: According to the requirements of customers.
Connection: High-strength bolts, special sealing material for sealing.

Corrugated steel pipe has a large scope of application. It can be used in culverts, drainage systems, storm water systems, fish passages, conveyor covers, ventilation systems, utilidor systems and culvert reline.

The integral corrugated pipe steel is strengthAssembled type corrugated steel pipeCorrugated steel pipe of different sizes

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