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Spiral rib pipe can solve your storm water problems with the improved hydraulics

Spiral rib pipe is our innovative flexible metal pipe that combines the proven strength of corrugated metal pipe with the flow capacity of a smooth inner wall. That is to say the product has two layers: the first layer is a smooth interior corrugated steel pipe and the second layer is a smooth steel liner providing for improved hydraulics. It is also called smooth wall spiral rib pipe or double wall corrugated steel pipe. It is economical and easy to install. It combines the advantages of many piping varieties into one revolutionary product. Spiral rib pipe is lightweight, easy to use and install, high strength, long-lasting and with superior performance therefore it is the perfect pipe that used for storm water sewer systems, culverts and drainage systems.

A section of spiral rib pipe is being formed.
The spiral rib pipe can be used in drainage aspects.
A section of spiral rib pipe is settled above the machine.
The spiral rib pipe has good flow capacity because of its smooth inner wall.

Spiral rib pipe features and benefits

  1. Revolutionary hydraulic design: Spiral rib pipe has better hydraulics than the traditional metal pipe and manning’s n factor is 0.012 therefore it is allowed to be used interchangeably with concrete pipe and plastic pipe without affecting flow capacity.
  2. Strength and durability: Spiral rib pipe is stiffer than HDPE pipe so it is less inclined to deflect and fracture. It maintains the project grade longer than concrete pipe due to the positive joint connection and long pipe lengths. Various metals and coatings are available depending on site conditions. Customers can match the metal and coatings with the site conditions to achieve the best engineering design service life and economic efficiency.
  3. Cost savings on installation: Steel spiral rib is only weighs only 10% as much as concrete pipe while the aluminum spiral rib weighs only 3% as much. With the weight reduction it is easy to install and can save a lot of money on labor costs.
  4. Versatility: Spiral rib can be fabricated in virtually any length or diameter. Our company can supply non-standard pipe size to meet your projects.


  1. Can be used for pipes and culverts
  2. Drainage systems
  3. Storm water systems

To suit the applications in construction, our spiral rib pipe comes in different diameters and lengths of six meters or longer. The thicknesses range from 1.6mm to 2.8mm. The material can be galvanized or aluminized type 2 steel and is about 1/12th the weight of concrete pipe.

O.D. (mm) I.D. (mm) Ring stiffness rank
SN8 SN10 SN12.5
≥8KN/m2 ≥10KN/m2 ≥12.5KN/m2
External Diameter (mm) External Diameter (mm) External Diameter (mm)
200 200 224 224  
300 300 325 325  
400 400 438 438  
500 500 539 539  
600 600 644 644 644
700 700 745 745 745
800 800 852 852 852
900 900 963 963 963
1000 1000 1063 1063 1063
1100 1100 1173 1173 1173
1200 1200 1273 1273 1273
1300 1300 1385 1385 1385
1400 1400 1485 1485 1485
1500 1500 1585 1585 1585
1600 1600 1693 1693 1693
1700 1700 1793 1793 1793
1800 1800 1893 1893 1903
2000 2000 2105 2105 2121
2200 2200 2307 2307 2323
2400 2400 2527 2527 2533
2500 2500 2629 2629 2635
2600 2600 2729 2729 2743
2700 2700 2848 2848 2858
2800 2800 2958 2958 2973

The structure of spiral rib pipeLong spiral rib pipe in construction site

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