• A large number of hot dip galvanised integral corrugated steel pipes on our manufacture factory ready to delivery to our client.
  • Hot dip galvanised helical corrugated metal pipes with asphalt coating on the end in the construction site, and in water.
  • Black plastic coated assembled corrugated steel pipe in larger diameter in construction site.
  • Many galvanized assembled corrugated steel pipe plates and integral corrugated steel pipes in our warehouse.
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Integral corrugated steel pipe is the optimum combination of strength, flexibility and performance

Our company is a professional manufacture of corrugated steel pipe. In the following we intend to give customers the detailed description of integral corrugated steel pipe.

Integral corrugated steel pipe is made of a whole corrugated steel plate without a joint. It’s high strength, light weight, low cost with a long service life. Compared to assembled corrugated steel pipe it’s more convenient to install and there is no leakage. The construction period is shorter. Of course there are some shortcomings. Integral corrugated steel pipe is not easy to transfer than assembled steel pipe. The diameter and length are limited, whole round pipe ¢0.3m-¢2.5m, while assembled round pipe ¢3m-¢6m, and the pipe wall thickness is 2.0mm to 8.0mm.

Integral corrugated steel pipe is applied to culverts, infiltration wells of highways, railways and waterways, temporary bridge load-bearing structure, underground pipeline, reconstruction and reinforcement of bridge and culvert.

Integral corrugated steel pipe specification
Code DN(mm) Wavepitch(mm) Wavedepth(mm) Wallthickness(mm) Filletradius(mm)
ACSP-1 750-1500 68 13 2.0-4.0 17.5
ACSP-2 750-2000 75 25 2.0-4.5 14.3
ACSP-3 750-2000 125 25 2.0-5.0 40.0
ACSP-4 1500-2000 150 50 2.0-6.5 28.0
ACSP-5 1500-2000 200 55 3.0-6.5 53.0
ACSP-6 1000-2000 145 60 3.0-6.0 30.0

Technical advantages:

  1. High strength: the strength of corrugated steel pipe is 1.5-3 times of cement pipe and it has a long service life.
  2. Light weight: corrugated steel pipe is 1/15-1/5 of the same specification of cement pipe.
  3. Convenient construction: In the site there is no need to use high-duty machinery; it’s fast and easy to construct.
  4. Axial direction: corrugated steel pipe is applied to the settlement of more serious occasions.
  5. Corrugated steel pipe can improve the phenomenon of dislocation that happens in the land-based structures and embankment, so as to improve the degree of comfort.
  6. Environment production and low carbon: reduce or abandon the use of cement, sand, gravel, wood, it is conducive to environmental production and reduced the carbon emissions.
  7. Convenient maintenance: In a considerable part of environment corrugated steel pipe even can without maintenance. It is significant to reduce post-operational costs.

A hot dip galvanised integral corrugated steel pipe on the ground.Integral corrugated steel pipes of different sizes in workshop

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