• A large number of hot dip galvanised integral corrugated steel pipes on our manufacture factory ready to delivery to our client.
  • Hot dip galvanised helical corrugated metal pipes with asphalt coating on the end in the construction site, and in water.
  • Black plastic coated assembled corrugated steel pipe in larger diameter in construction site.
  • Many galvanized assembled corrugated steel pipe plates and integral corrugated steel pipes in our warehouse.
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Helical Corrugated Metal Pipes - Galvanized or Plastic Coating

Similar to other corrugated metal pipes, helical corrugated metal pipe has also the corrugation shape. Corrugations add the structural strength and stiffness to culverts. More over, helical corrugated metal pipe has the special corrugation - annular pattern corrugations, which not only make the culverts more strong and stiff, but also reduce the roughness of flow through the pipe.

Helical corrugated metal pipes with hot dip galvanised and asphalt coating on the end.
Helical corrugated metal pipes with hot dip galvanised and asphalt coating on the end.
Helical corrugated metal pipes with black plastic coating.
Plastic coating helical corrugated metal pipes.
Six long helical corrugated metal pipes tied together to easy translation.
Helical corrugated metal pipes in our workshop.
A galvanized T-type helical corrugated metal pipe with asphalt coated end.
T-type helical corrugated metal pipe.
Helical corrugated metal pipe specifications
Code DN (mm) Thickness (mm) Corrugation (mm) Galvanization (g/m2) Using life (years)
HCMP-1 300-400 1.6-2.0 68 × 13 ≥300 ≥100
HCMP-2 500-800 1.6-2.8 68 × 13 ≥300 ≥100
HCMP-3 700-1200 1.6-4.2 68 × 13 ≥300 ≥100
HCMP-4 1400-1600 2.0-4.2 68 × 13, 75 × 25, 125 × 25 ≥300 ≥100
HCMP-5 1700-2400 2.8-4.2 68 × 13, 75 × 25, 125 × 25 ≥300 ≥100
HCMP-6 2500-3600 3.0-4.2 75 × 2,5 125 × 25 ≥300 ≥100

As a professional company devoted to providing our customers optimal corrugated steel pipe solutions, we accept customization on pipe diameter and wall thickness, either galvanized and asphalt coating or polymer coated steel is OK.

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