• A large number of hot dip galvanised integral corrugated steel pipes on our manufacture factory ready to delivery to our client.
  • Hot dip galvanised helical corrugated metal pipes with asphalt coating on the end in the construction site, and in water.
  • Black plastic coated assembled corrugated steel pipe in larger diameter in construction site.
  • Many galvanized assembled corrugated steel pipe plates and integral corrugated steel pipes in our warehouse.
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Corrugated steel pipe engineering applications in bridges, transportation projects, water sewer systems, drainage systems, fish passages

Corrugated steel pipe is a flexible structure, with the excellent characteristics of the displacement of the horizontal compensation. It can give full play to the steel tensile properties, deformation superior performance characteristics with a greater resistance to deformation and anti-settling capacity, especially for soft soil, expansive soil, and collapsible loess foundation bearing capacity of the lower regions and earthquake-prone zones. In order to give customers more directions of its application, we offer the method of construction. Corrugated steel pipe is also the best choice for drainage systems. Please see more of corrugated steel infiltration wells.

Corrugated steel pipe used as bridges
Corrugated steel pipe is used for the regions of lower bearing capacity.

Corrugated steel pipe in construction of stream crossingThe finished corrugated steel pipe used for stream crossing
Assembled corrugated steel pipe is used for transportation projects. The stream crossing bends with meandering creek to save substantial time, money and environment impact.

Corrugated steel pipe in water sewer project
Underground storm water treatment system meets customers’ requirements for water quality enhancement.

Our corrugated steel pipe used under highway
Corrugated steel pipe is used to improve the safety of highway.

Corrugated steel pipe is used in transportation project The urgent bridege is builded in 120 days made of currogated steel pipe
Arched corrugated steel pipe used for transportation project. Arched corrugated steel pipe can be used to replace pavement and bridges for people to pass safety.
Corrugated steel pipe used for drainage system Fishes can pass through safely by using corrugated steel pipe
Corrugated steel pipe is best choice of drainage system. Corrugated steel pipe gives solution of fish passage.


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